The Palliative Care Team at Children’s Hospital of Michigan has active since July of 2007. Each of our patients have been diagnosed with an illness that causes a great deal of suffering and real concerns about shortened life expectancy. Many of our families face isolation and limited opportunities to celebrate each day with peers and others who understand their circumstance. In early 2000, mainly out of a dream of the team's nurse coordinator, we set upon the task of creating a program to recognize our families and give cause to celebrate. Because each of our patients is a princess or a superhero in our eyes, we used this theme to shape the event. In brief, custom invitations are sent to every patient who has been involved with palliative care who is currently alive. Children are invited to bring their whole family. When they arrive, volunteers help each child choose a princess or superhero costume. They are dressed, can get their hair done, get their faces painted, and then can participate in a huge assortment of activities ranging from art projects, to jewelry making, to developmentally appropriate games. There is a DJ with dancing--children in wheelchairs dancing besides volunteers and children being held. We have a music therapy session. The event closes with a ceremony where each child receives a medal celebrating their lives and joys. We are incredibly proud of how the program has grown and ager to share our experiences and hope to inspire others. We have no doubts that this annual event is making a huge impact in the lives and legacies of our patients. As an example, one family shared, “[We] can't stop talking about how amazing today's party was. It was really beyond anything we ever expected. To pull off an event like today's... truly shows your dedication to... your... patients. [We] want you to know how much we appreciate you. Thank you so much for giving [our son] one of the best days of his life. We've never been so proud of our boy!” This session will describe the growth of this event from a passing thought, to a grass roots first attempt, to a now annual and sustainable program that draws attention to the all-to-often side of Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Medicine: the celebration of living. We will describe processes taken to create relationships, to form an agenda and organize volunteers, and finally, and most importantly, will share stories, photos, and feedback from the parties themselves. Without any question, attendees will be moved to start a similar event at their own institutions.