The article entitled “Income Disparities and Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Adolescents” was found by the authors to have errors regarding trends in the prevalence of combined prediabetes and diabetes. The authors have corrected their analysis to calibrate glucose values to account for changes in instruments used to measure glucose that occurred in NHANES during 1999–2014. The main change is that prediabetes and diabetes prevalence did not increase significantly among adolescents overall; it only increased significantly among low-income adolescents. Several other corrections were made in the analysis, but no other changes affected the overall findings. The original report has been retracted and replaced with the corrected version. Changes have been made to the tables, the figures, and the corresponding text in the abstract, methods, results, and discussion. The authors also added 2 references (numbers 24 and 25) regarding NHANES glucose calibration methods and added a sentence to the methods and the discussion about glucose calibration.