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Most Popular Pediatrics Articles of 2022

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Thank you for reading Pediatrics, and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023 from all of us!

Our editors have chosen the most popular Pediatrics articles that had a significant impact on our readers in 2022, ranging from childhood obesity to acute otitis media. All articles are open access until the end of January 2023. Happy reading and remember to share these important studies with your colleagues.

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Evidence-Informed Milestones for Developmental Surveillance Tools
Jennifer M. Zubler, MD; Lisa D. Wiggins, PhD; Michelle M. Macias, MD; Toni M. Whitaker, MD; Judith S. Shaw, EdD, MPH, RN; Jane K. Squires, PhD; Julie A. Pajek, PhD; Rebecca B. Wolf, MA; Karnesha S. Slaughter, MPH; Amber S. Broughton, MPH; Krysta L. Gerndt, MPH; Bethany J. Mlodoch; Paul H. Lipkin, MD
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-052138 | March 2022

Vegetarian Diet, Growth, and Nutrition in Early Childhood: A Longitudinal Cohort Study
Laura J. Elliott, RD, MSc; Charles D.G. Keown-Stoneman, PhD; Catherine S. Birken, MD, MSc, FRCPC; David J.A. Jenkins, MD, PhD, DSc, FRSC, FRCP, FRCPC; Cornelia M. Borkhoff, MSc, PhD; Jonathon L. Maguire, MD, MSc, FRCPC; on behalf of the TARGet KIDS! COLLABORATION
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-052598 | June 2022

Changes in the Incidence of Childhood Obesity
Solveig A. Cunningham, PhD; Shakia T. Hardy, PhD; Rebecca Jones, PhD; Carmen Ng, PhD; Michael R. Kramer, PhD; K.M. Venkat Narayan, MD
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-053708 | August 2022
Commentary: 10.1542/peds.2022-056547

Sleep Duration and Kindergarten Adjustment
Douglas M. Teti, PhD; Corey J. Whitesell, PhD; Jacqueline A. Mogle, PhD; Brian Crosby, PhD; Orfeu M. Buxton, PhD; Karen L. Bierman, PhD; David M. Almeida, PhD
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-054362 | August 2022

Adolescent Use of Flavored Non-Tobacco Oral Nicotine Products
Alyssa F. Harlow, PhD; Erin A. Vogel, PhD; Alayna P. Tackett, PhD; Junhan Cho, PhD; Dae-Hee Han, PhD; Melissa Wong, MS; Myles G. Cockburn, PhD; Steve Y. Sussman, PhD; Jennifer B. Unger, PhD; Adam M. Leventhal, PhD; Jessica L. Barrington-Trimis, PhD
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2022-056586 | September 2022

Nonoperative Management of Uncomplicated Appendicitis
Susan C. Lipsett, MD; Michael C. Monuteaux, ScD; Kristen H. Shanahan, MD; Richard G. Bachur, MD
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-054693 | May 2022

Pediatric Firearm Injury Mortality Epidemiology
Annie L. Andrews, MD, MSCR; Xzavier Killings, MS; Elizabeth R. Oddo, MD; Kelsey A.B. Gastineau, MD; Ashley B. Hink, MD, MPH
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-052739 | March 2022

Watchful Waiting for Acute Otitis Media
Nicole E. Smolinski, PharmD; Patrick J. Antonelli, MD, MS, FACS, FAOS; Almut G. Winterstein, RPh, PhD, FISPE
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-055613 | July 2022

Pediatric Battery-Related Emergency Department Visits in the United States: 2010–2019
Mark D. Chandler, MPH; Khudeja Ilyas, MPH; Kris R. Jatana, MD; Gary A. Smith, MD, DrPH; Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA, FAAHB; J. Morag MacKay, MSc
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2022-056709 | September 2022

Value of the Immunization Program for Children in the 2017 US Birth Cohort
Justin Carrico, BS; Elizabeth M. La, PhD; Sandra E. Talbird, MSPH; Ya-Ting Chen, PhD; Mawuli K. Nyaku, DrPh, MBA, MPH; Cristina Carias, PhD; Claire E. Mellott, BS; Gary S. Marshall, MD; Craig S. Roberts, PharmD, MPA, MBA
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-056007 | September 2022
Commentary: 10.1542/peds.2022-057831

COVID-19 Articles

Suicide Risk in Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
John D. Lantos, MD; Hung-Wen Yeh, PhD; Fajar Raza, MBBS; Mark Connelly, PhD; Kathy Goggin, PhD; Shayla A. Sullivant, MD
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-053486 | February 2022

Youth Well-being During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Courtney K. Blackwell, PhD; Maxwell Mansolf, PhD; Phillip Sherlock, PhD; Jody Ganiban, PhD; Julie A. Hofheimer, PhD; Charles J. Barone, II, MD; Traci A. Bekelman, PhD, MPH; Clancy Blair, PhD, MPH; David Cella, PhD; Shaina Collazo, MPH; Lisa A. Croen, PhD; Sean Deoni, PhD; Amy J. Elliott, PhD; Assiamira Ferrara, MD, PhD; Rebecca C. Fry, PhD; Richard Gershon, PhD; Julie B. Herbstman, PhD, ScM; Margaret R. Karagas, PhD; Kaja Z. LeWinn, ScD; Amy Margolis, PhD; Rachel L. Miller, MD; T. Michael O’Shea, MD, MPH; Christina A. Porucznik, PhD, MSPH; Rosalind J. Wright, MD, MPH on behalf of the Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes Research Program
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-054754 | April 2022

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