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Pediatrics 75 Reflections: David Myles, MD, MS

March 29, 2023

What is the best career advice you ever received?

My mentor and a consummate pediatrician (who is also a lacrosse coach and a great father to his children) once told me that there will come a time when you're staying late in clinic, and you'll have a choice about whether to go home (and be with family/attend a practice/coach a game) or stay and do more work. The decision you make in that moment may have profound implications for the course of your career. Great advice!

What message do you have for the journal on its 75th anniversary?

My main message to the journal is that it should stay true to its roots as a peer-reviewed repository of evidence-based information that significantly contributes to the practice of pediatrics. It should stay true to these roots despite the myriad changes occurring among peer-reviewed journals.

Is there an article in the journal that changed the way you practice?

The following article had the most impact on how I practice as a general pediatrician:

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