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Pediatrics 75 Reflections: Cara Coleman, JD, MPH

March 29, 2023

In July 2021, I became the first public member of Pediatrics Executive Editorial Board and the Associate Editor for Family Partnerships. I have worn many hats and served in many roles in my personal and professional life. Many times, the driver of my work or efforts involved raising a voice—for myself, for (and with) my client, for (and with) my child, for my family, for team, or against injustice. There is a lot I love about being an Associate Editor for Pediatrics, but perhaps most of all, I love that the focus of my voice in this role is partnerships, and not just for me but for all other public members and other health care professionals who are not pediatricians but also serve on our editorial board. I am not sure I can fully express both the honor I feel serving as Associate Editor, as well as the weight of it. The voice of partnerships is shared by us all, but it is not always the experience of us all. We live in a time mired by distraction and division. As patients, families, and providers, we meet in a health care system stretched beyond capacity and splintered by fragmentation. We are charged to carry out big tasks but are shortchanged on the amount and quality of time to do so. Partnership is often noted or regarded and valued, but not always activated. Working in partnership, in collaboration and as a team is undoubtedly rewarding, but the “how to” can be messy, unclear, take time, and require trust. Family Partnerships articles make the space to dive into the “good, bad and ugly” of how to work as a team. In my opinion, it is the heart of care, compassion, health, and life. It is where, how, and why we come together—for the health of our children, families, and ourselves. The Family Partnerships articles may not be as well-known as other Pediatrics article types, but its role (and potential) in advancing meaningful and authentic partnership between patients, families, and health care professionals at the individual and systems level is pressing. The editors were visionary in the creation of this article type; leading not just with guiding what is published, but also in who partners in editing and publication. The Family Connections with Pediatrics blog represents a new expression and promotion of partnership, ensuring we all can connect with the content so as to be better able to partner.

Thank you, Pediatrics for this profound commitment to family partnerships.

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