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Pediatrics 75 Reflections

March 29, 2023

Pediatrics 75 Reflections

As we take a look back at the last 75 years of Pediatrics, journal editors reflect on their time in the pediatrics medical field. Whether it's career advice they've received, their editorial role on Pediatrics, or how the journal has changed the way they practice, we have insights from several of our board members and more to come.

Read their full reflections:

Paul L. Aronson, MD, MHS, Editorial Board Member, Pediatrics

Cara L. Coleman, JD, MPH, Associate Editor, Pediatrics

Lydia Furman, MD, Associate Editor, Pediatrics

Kimberly Montez, MD, MPH, Associate Editor, Pediatrics

Rachel Y. Moon, MD, Associate Editor, Digital Media, Pediatrics

David E. Myles, MD, MS, Editorial Board Member, Pediatrics

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