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Pediatrics 75: AAP Section | Committee | Council Retrospectives

April 10, 2023

Pediatrics 75 Retrospectives

Behind every AAP initiative is a committee, section, or council whose main goal is to ensure that all children's health is the top priority. From pediatric subspecialties to special areas of interest, to advocacy initiatives and education, to policy and advocacy, and more, committees, sections, and councils are where fellows of the AAP can provide their expertise. Learn more about how the AAP community has helped change medicine over the last 75 years.

Special thanks to Associate Editors Drs. Mark Hudak and Suzanne Haney, who curated and edited this retrospective collection of essays for Pediatrics’ 75th anniversary.

What is an AAP Section? "Sections cultivate ideas and develop programs within their subspecialty or special interest that improve the care of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Each Section is guided by an Executive Committee elected by Section members."

What is an AAP Council? "Councils represent the evolution of Committees and Sections working in the same field into an integrated structure.'

What is an AAP Committee? "Committees work to identify emerging issues, address specific subject areas, respond to board directives, achieve AAP goals and objectives and comply with policy as specified by the Board of Directors."

Task Forces and Programs
What is an AAP Task Force? This is a group of professional medical experts focused on a subject related to pediatric health and well-being. 

Check back each week for more in-depth commentaries reviewing the last 75 years of change in the pediatric field.

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