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Pediatrics 75 Reflections: Lydia Furman, MD

May 4, 2023

My message for the journal is simply, “Thank you Pediatrics”! After a dozen years of reviewing and collaborating as a member of the editorial board, I can confidently say these two activities remain my favorite parts of being on the board. Reviewing is like working a logic puzzle and always challenges me. Collaborating with Drs. Lewis First and Alex Kemper, the members of the editorial board, and Pediatrics staff is as great a treat as enjoying a bottomless ice cream cone. The constant improvement approach taken by Drs First and Kemper creates multiple opportunities to join in thought-provoking projects.

I applied to become an Editorial member in a “manic moment” and have never looked back—it’s been pure fun. My favorite Pediatrics article is the AAP policy statement “Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk” (yes, I am a passionate breastfeeding advocate) and the article that has most changed and informed my practice continues to be the clinical practice guideline “Management of Hyperbilirubinemia.” I’ve learned that as evidence evolves, our job is to race to keep up with it and then share it as clearly as possible with colleagues.

I’d like to thank Drs First and Kemper for their unwavering commitment to quality, their nonstop kindness regardless of stress or situation, their lived belief in the value of peer review, and their shared and unfailing moral compass. Thank you for your leadership.

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