Diurnal enuresis (daytime wetting) is a common childhood problem that has a variety of causes, the majority of which can be determined by taking a thorough history, performing a complete physical examination, and obtaining such noninvasive tests as a urinalysis and ultrasonography of the kidney and bladder.

Diurnal enuresis is an unintended leakage of urine during waking hours in an individual old enough to maintain bladder control. Primary diurnal enuresis is incontinence that persists beyond the age when a child otherwise would be expected to be toilet trained. Secondary diurnal enuresis is incontinence in a child who was toilet trained successfully and experienced at least 3 consecutive months of dry days.

Daytime wetting should be considered a problem in a child older than 4 years of age who wets on most days, a child who previously was continent, or a child whose parents are concerned about the problem, regardless of...

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