As part of Pediatrics in Review’songoing focus on quality improvement, we present a self-assessment exercise taken from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Ambulatory Quality Improvement Program(ACQIP). Readers are encouraged to participate in the ongoing ACQIP program. Additional information can be obtained by calling or writing to the Division of Quality Care, American Academy of Pediatrics, Box 927, Elk Grove Village, IL 60009-0927.

When physicians and staff complete this exercise, review the accompanying material, and discuss their responses together, they will be able to create or improve office telephone protocols that will enhance patient care in the context of a mutual learning experience.

Telephone protocols serve many functions that are crucial to a successful and well managed practice.

Telephone protocols contribute to the quality of care rendered to patients and families:

The use of telephone protocols in a practice also contributes to patient satisfaction:

Telephone protocols enhance efficiency:

Telephone protocols...

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