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A preterm male infant was born at 26 weeks’ gestation weighing 900 g,with a birthweight percentile below the 3rd percentile and a head circumference at about the 25th percentile. His Apgar scores were 4 and 5 at 1 and 5 minutes, respectively,and he required intubation and ventilation in the delivery room. The infant was given artificial surfactant and maintained on a respirator with“moderate to high settings.” Several saline boluses were administered for hypotension, and dopamine was started to maintain a mean arterial blood pressure above 30 mm Hg. Initial serum glucose concentrations were in the range of 1.67 to 2.76 mmol/L (30 to 50 mg/dL). The infant was given 10% dextrose at a rate of 100 mL/kg per day.

By the second day of life, the serum glucose concentration was in the range of 5.55 to 8.33 mmol/L(100 to 150 mg/dL),...

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