A 9-year-old boy noticed a “brown streak” on the ventral surface of his penis 3 days ago, along with slight pruritus. Erythema, blisters, and swelling then developed. He complains of dysuria and has difficulty walking due to the pain. Three days ago, a rash was noted under his right eye, which initially was very itchy. There has been no fever.

He had uncomplicated varicella at the age of 5 years, two episodes of facial impetigo requiring oral antibiotics, and one episode of poison ivy dermatitis. He is receiving no medications and has had no recent illnesses. The present symptoms began after a vacation in Florida. There is no history of camping or picnicking,insect or tick bites, or contact with animals.

On examination, the boy has discomfort with movement. There are three pustules on an erythematous base under his right eye. Several small papules and one pustule are noted over the...

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