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Many children in the United States are affected by atopic disease. It has been estimated that 4% to 6% of children have food allergies, 8% to 10% have asthma, and 15% to 25%have allergic rhinitis. Additionally,large numbers of children who suffer from allergic rhinitis have coexisting otitis media and sinusitis. Further, there is a widespread impression that the incidence of allergic diseases has increased in the past 15 to 20 years, most notably in industrialized countries. The purpose of allergy testing is to help identify potential allergen(s) that are contributing to the allergic disease process. By identifying the allergen, the patient and his or her family can avoid exposures, and the clinician can manage the disease appropriately. Allergy testing can be performed for a variety of foods,aeroallergens, latex, venom, and some medications.

Skin testing methods were described initially more than...

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