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A 2-month-old Caucasian female presented for failure to thrive. She was born at 33 weeks’ gestation via primary cesarean section for pregnancy-induced hypertension to a 38-year-old G1P0 mother. Her birthweight was 1,430 g, making her small for gestational age. Apgar scores were 7 and 9 at 1 and 5 minutes, respectively. Newborn metabolic screen results were negative. At 3 weeks of age, with good oral intake of formula, alternating with breastfeeding, the infant was discharged from the hospital.

The infant’s paternal grandfather died at age 61 from bronchitis and heavy smoking. The 60-year-old paternal grandmother was healthy and well. There was no family member of short stature. The 38-year-old mother(162.6 cm) and the 46-year-old father(175.3 cm) both were in good health. The maternal grandfather, age 72, had a history of renal stones. The 67-year-old maternal grandmother(157.5 cm) had a history...

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