PREP the Curriculum was developed more than 25 years ago to assist physicians in practice with their continuing medical education needs. In most cases, individual clinicians read Pediatrics in Review (PIR) and take PREP Self-Assessment (PREP SA) to stay up-to-date, prepare for maintenance of certification, and determine areas in which they need more education, but innovative ways of using PREP the Curriculum have gone beyond the conventional uses.

Although not developed specifically for pediatric residents, PREP the Curriculum is being used by many residents, a fact we discovered during focus groups held annually at the National Conference and Exposition of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). In addition, program directors have developed a variety of ways to enhance residency education by using PREP materials.

While a resident at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Dr Khalid Kamal and his fellow residents wrote summaries of PIR articles that they...

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