Frequently Used Abbreviations

  • ALT

    alanine aminotransferase

  • AST

    aspartate aminotransferase

  • BUN

    blood urea nitrogen

  • CBC

    complete blood count

  • CNS

    central nervous system

  • CSF

    cerebrospinal fluid

  • CT

    computed tomography

  • ECG


  • ED

    emergency department

  • EEG


  • ESR

    erythrocyte sedimentation rate

  • GI


  • GU


  • Hct


  • Hgb


  • MRI

    magnetic resonance imaging

  • WBC

    white blood cell

A 6-year-old boy complains of leg pain during times of inactivity. The pain is diffuse, affects both legs simultaneously, and feels like “pins and needles.” The episodes occur intermittently throughout the day and are more intense at night, preventing sleep. In the last week, the discomfort has occurred during sleep, waking him. Massage and movement usually bring relief, with occasional need for acetaminophen.

The episodes began 1 year ago, happened one to two times per month, and now occur several times per week and are more intense. He is noted to be “squirming” while sitting still....

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