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A 20-year-old woman, who is a recent emigrant from Ethiopia, brings in her 4-month-old infant for a health supervision visit. The baby has had no immunizations, and his mother reports having had no prenatal care. She is breastfeeding exclusively. The infant's 25-year-old father recently died after being very sick for 2 years. The mother states that he had “bad lungs.” What are your next steps?

A 17-year-old honor student comes to your office with a maculopapular rash on his face, trunk, palms, and soles. He also complains of a sore throat and fever and states that he recently returned from visiting his grandmother in Georgia. During his visit, he went hunting with his uncles and his grandmother's dog. During the interview, which involves asking routine psychosocial questions in a nonthreatening manner (Table 1) to elicit sensitive information, he states that...

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