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Child abuse is common. In 2007, the year for which the most recent child protective services (CPS) data are available, 3.2 million reports were filed concerning approximately 5.8 million children younger than 18 years of age who were suspected victims of abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse. Also in 2007, 1,760 child deaths were attributed to abuse or neglect. Neglect constituted 59% of all cases of child maltreatment, more than all other forms of substantiated child maltreatment combined. Most maltreatment occurs in children's homes. In 2007, nearly 80% of the perpetrators of child maltreatment were parents.

State laws mandate that pediatric practitioners report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to local CPS. The process that begins when the clinician first feels concern about a child's welfare and ends when he or she makes a report to CPS is one of the...

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