It is estimated that diarrheal illnesses are responsible for ∼2 to 4 million childhood deaths worldwide each year, representing 13.2% of all childhood deaths worldwide.

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Chronic diarrhea is a common complaint in pediatric medicine and can pose a complex situation for practitioners and families. This complaint is both a symptom and a sign. (1) Although patients or their parents often assess the presence of diarrhea by reporting stool consistency and frequency, one can more scientifically define diarrhea as stool volume >10 g/kg per day in infants and toddlers, and >200 g/day in older children. (2) However, diarrhea should not be defined solely by stool weight. Some adolescents and adults may have up to 300 g of formed stool per day without any complaints. (3) The duration of symptoms necessary to define diarrhea as “chronic” also...

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