Editor’s Note: During her acceptance of the 2012 Joseph W. St Geme Jr. Leadership Award, Dr Gail McGuinness remarked that certain elements of clinical competence require time to attain: “problem solving, pattern recognition, judgment, (and) capability for self-reflection.”1 At a recent resident continuity clinic that I attended, I observed residents counsel parent after parent that their children did not need an antibiotic for their colds. By clinic’s end, the residents were visibly fatigued, and their resolve to follow evidence-based medicine diminished. The following self-reflection by a seasoned pediatrician offers encouragement for all of us to assess critically what we do and to pursue resolutely what is in the best interest of our patients.

1. McGuinness GA. The transformation of pediatric education with a focus on the subspecialists. Pediatrics. 2013;131(4):767-771.

Although innovative medical treatment of childhood cancer, rheumatologic disease, metabolic disorders, and asthma has lengthened and improved the quality...

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