In the February 2015 article “Upper Airway Obstruction” (Virbalas J, Smith L. Pediatrics in Review. 2015;36(2): 62–73, doi: 10.1542/pir.36-2-62), the caption on Figure 3 should read: “The arrow is pointing to swollen aryepiglottic folds; the swollen epiglottis is located anterosuperior to the aryepiglottic folds.” The online version of the article has been resupplied.

Also, the discussion of Bacterial Tracheitis contains an image citation error on page 70, column one, under “Diagnosis,” paragraph two, sentence two. The figure cited in that second sentence should be Figure 4. The corrected sentence should read: “Anteroposterior neck radiographs characteristically show the subglottic narrowing seen in laryngotracheitis (Figure 4),” and should link to Figure 4.

The journal regrets the errors.

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