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Adolescents generally do not unintentionally ingest pharmaceutical agents, as seen in the younger pediatric population. The main reasons for adolescent ingestions generally fall into 2 categories: suicidal/self-harm and recreational abuse. These 2 categories are very important and carry different levels of morbidity and mortality. The agents ingested may be unique and require different clinical management and preventive strategies. Suicidal ingestions alone now account for more than 1 million annual emergency department visits, making this a very timely and important review article. (1)

Adolescent suicidality and suicide attempts are growing in number, now accounting for more than 1.12 million emergency department visits per year. (1) The reasons for this are multifactorial, with ingestions a common part of a suicide plan or attempt. One recent study evaluated national trends in suicidal ingestions over the most recent decade using the...

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