A 5-year-old healthy boy presents with a 3-week history of new onset aggression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and nocturnal enuresis. One month ago he sustained a minor head trauma when he was sliding down the slide at a local playground. He was initially diagnosed with a mild concussion. His symptoms have now progressed and include frequent night waking, hand wringing, and behavioral outbursts. This prompts his pediatrician to refer him to the emergency department for evaluation.

He undergoes computed tomography scan of the head, which is unremarkable. Laboratory evaluations include electrolytes, liver enzymes, complete blood cell count, rapid group A streptococcal antigen, thyroids studies, and heterophile antibody test, which are unremarkable. Urine and blood toxicology screens are negative. He is admitted to the inpatient unit.

Vital signs are appropriate for age. He has difficulty answering questions and following commands. He is restless and disoriented. He intermittently gets up to run around the...

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