Pediatricians are on the front line of health care for children with many common infantile conditions. As evidence evolves and practice changes in the surgical field, interdisciplinary communication is vital to ensure confident and evidence-based anticipatory guidance and specialist referrals.

After completing this article, readers should be able to:

  1. Identify patients with common conditions who require surgical intervention, provide appropriate anticipatory guidance, and seek surgical consultation confidently and appropriately.

Pediatricians and pediatric surgeons have completely different graduate medical backgrounds with very little interaction in training. Care delivered to children increasingly relies on multidisciplinary cooperation and patient-centered care, which evidence has shown can improve patient and family outcomes, improve the patient’s and family’s experience, increase satisfaction, decrease health-care costs, and lead to better health-care resource utilization. The surgical conditions covered in this article are some of the most commonly encountered by a pediatric surgeon and are invariably first seen by pediatricians...

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