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Red Book Online Webinars

October 4, 2021

Presentations from distinguished experts on important and timely topics in pediatrics.



May 2021



Red Book 2021 Key Updates

David W. Kimberlin, MD

Dr Kimberlin, Red Book Editor, provides an overview of key updates in the 32nd edition of the Red Book in a newly recorded webinar. Topics discussed include updated vaccination recommendations (Meningococcal, Tdap/DTaP, Hep A, Rotavirus), commonly treated conditions in children (eg head lice, molluscum), travel medicine, new figures and tables to help guide the care and management of many infectious diseases (Helicobacter pylori, HIV, Hep B, Measles, TB), and much more including a new systems-based antibiotic table that guides empiric antibiotic selection prior to knowing what the causative pathogen is! View Presentation

Time stamps

4:22 – Selected changes in the 2021 Red Book
7:50 – Meningococcal MENACWY vaccines
11:41 – Exclusions of children from group care
17:31 – Helicobacter pylori first line therapy
19:51 – Hep A vaccine (Hep A) and travel
21:51 – Hep B virus outcome
25:51 – Approved Hep C drugs
27:31 – Newborn testing and prophylaxis recommendations following perinatal HIV exposure
31:21 – Higher risk perinatal HIV exposure
31:31 – Postexposure measles prophylaxis immunocompetent by age
32:51 – Postexposure measles prophylaxis by special conditions
33:02 – DTaP and Tdap vaccines
35:49 – Treatment options for molluscum
36:43 – Administration of rotavirus vaccine in NICU settings
38:22 – Pediculicides for treatment in head lice
39:23 – Tuberculosis
44:14 – Systems-based antibiotic table




March 2021



Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Updates to the 2021 Children and Adolescent Immunization Schedule

Henry (Hank) Bernstein, DO, MHCM, FAAP

In this webinar, Dr. Bernstein discusses the Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule: United States, 2021, including the rationale for the latest updates and the process for approval of COVID19 vaccine in children. View Presentation



August 2020



Preparing Your Practice for the 2020-21 Influenza Season: A Virtual Townhall

Sara “Sally” Goza, MD, FAAP | Mark Del Monte, JD | James Baumberger, MPP | Flor Munoz-Rivas, MD, FAAP | Brian Etheridge, MD, FAAP | Nadia Qureshi, MD, FAAP | Jeanne Marconi, MD, FAAP

A discussion about 2020-2021 influenza vaccination recommendations, creative strategies for administering influenza vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic, and an update on the Academy’s vaccine advocacy strategy.

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