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Diagnosis Detective Archive

February 1, 2024

Red Book Online Presents: Diagnosis Detective | Archive

Red Book Online's Diagnosis Detective challenges you to diagnose the case based on the clinical information presented. 

Case 1: October 2023

Case 2: November 2023

Case 3: December 2023

Case 4: January 2024

Launched in October 2023, Diagnosis Detective on Red Book Online challenges you to solve a new infectious disease case every month. Developed by a dedicated subteam of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases, this feature offers:

Monthly Diagnostic Challenge: Return monthly to test your diagnostic skills with new infectious disease content.

Interactive Quiz: Actively participate and learn by solving real-world infectious disease cases.

Teaching/Learning: Use the valuable infectious disease educational content to learn, as well as reference as needed.

Social Sharing: Share your success on social media platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter/X.

Archived Cases: Challenge yourself with previous cases, which will be archived, for continued learning or if you missed a previous month’s case.

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