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Red Book® Online

The Authority on Pediatric Infectious Diseases from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Red Book 2021

Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases

The definitive source for pediatric infectious disease solutions providing point-of-care access to diagnosis and treatment.

The AAP Red Book is published every three years, but the pediatric infectious disease landscape is changing continuously. Red Book Online is consistently updated with the latest recommendations from the AAP. This approach ensures that pediatric healthcare professionals have access to the most current information, enabling them to deliver optimal care to children.

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Systems-based Treatment Table on Your Mobile Device

Red Book Online’s most-used resource, the Systems-based Treatment Table, is now available in a new mobile view that makes it easy to use on your phone or tablet. Just visit the Systems-based Treatment Table and Switch to Mobile-Friendly View. Don’t forget to use your device's “Add to Home Screen” feature to save the mobile view of this table to your home screen for fast access. Send us questions or feedback: RBO Feedback Form

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In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Red Book Online, we reflect on the first edition of the Red Book published in 1938—a mere 8 pages covering a mix of 18 topics. Take a look at the original 1938 Red Book chapter “Staphylococcus Infections” and find out what has changed.


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Information and resource links for current infectious disease outbreaks that affect the pediatric population and that have been identified in multiple U.S. states.

Influenza News and Resources

A comprehensive list of influenza resources, including news, policy and implementation, professional education, and other pertinent influenza information.

Visual Library

More than 2,700 infectious disease images for use in diagnosis and presentations, including clinical manifestations, disease vectors, and etiology.

Systems-based Treatment Table

This Systems-based Treatment Table assists pediatricians in using antibiotic agents appropriately and only when needed for these common pediatric conditions.


Red Book Online offers presentations from distinguished experts on important and timely topics on pediatric infectious diseases and immunizations.

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